Currently, I teach Social Science Inquiry I, II and III at the University of Chicago. The sequence equips undergraduate students from diverse majors to be critical consumers of quantitative social science research and begin conducting their own research using statistical methods and software. I also have seven quarters of experience in teaching foundational Political Science courses such as Introduction to Comparative Politics and Introduction to International Relations. In each of my courses, I seek above all to help students become more engaged, thoughtful, and intellectually independent citizens. To learn more about how I achieve this in my courses, please download my Teaching Philosophy in PDF format here.

In the future, I look forward to teaching courses on Latin American Politics; Democracy, Dictatorship, and Regime Transitions; Authoritarian Legacies; Crises of Representation; and Political Parties and Party Systems.

Over the years, I have been delighted to receive extremely positive feedback on my teaching from students and peers. While I know that I can continue to grow as a teacher (and I continually seek opportunities for growth), it’s always gratifying to learn that my respect for and dedication to my students is shining through in my courses. A representative sample of students’ anonymous evaluations of my teaching in my recent courses can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Courses Taught

– Social Science Inquiry I (Aut. 2021)
– Social Science Inquiry II (Win. 2022, Win. 2021)
– Social Science Inquiry III (Spr. 2022, Spr. 2021)
– Introduction to Comparative Politics (Co-Instructor) (Spr. 2019)

Teaching Internships

– Introduction to Comparative Politics (Win. 2016, Aut. 2016, Spr. 2018, Spr. 2019)
– Introduction to International Relationships (Aut. 2015, Aut. 2017, Aut. 2018)
– The Politics of Cartel-State Violence (Spr. 2016)
– War and the Nation State (Win. 2018)