Mark Deming


I am a Teaching Fellow in the Political Science Department and the College at the University of Chicago. I teach in the Social Science Inquiry Sequence.

My research examines political regimes and regime transitions, politics in nascent democracies, political parties, and distributive politics—with a focus on Latin America. My book manuscript, The Strategic Foundations of Authoritarian Successor Parties, examines why political parties linked to former dictatorships often crop up and even thrive in new democracies. Please see my research page for more information about my research.

I have taught a broad range of courses in Political and Social Science, including foundational courses such as Introduction to Comparative Politics and Introduction to International Relations. I currently teach Social Science Inquiry I, II and III. This sequence equips students from diverse majors to be critical consumers of quantitative social science research and begin conducting their own research using statistical techniques and software. Please see my teaching page for a detailed summary of my teaching.

I received my PhD from the University of Chicago’s Political Science Department in August 2020. Prior to my PhD studies, I completed an MA in International Relations at the University of Chicago’s Committee on International Relations.